Is it Necessary to Service Water Softeners?

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The necessity of getting your water softener cleaned depends on how you prioritise staying healthy. You must get your water softener serviced if you do not want you or your family to fall sick. But, if you are still hesitant about it, check out the importance of the service –

1. Cleaning It 

The brine tank needs to be cleaned and your resins too require a recharge. This can be only done by a water treatment professional. It is essential to regularly clean the water system to ensure that it only dispenses clean water. The water treatment expert will also check the salt bridging of the brine tank and keep it sanitised.

2. Maintenance 

Agree with it or not, but every appliance requires maintenance. It is the same with water softeners in Kent as well. There are parts inside your softener that are continually moving and need care like the o-rings wearing out or the softener’s valve requiring maintenance.

If your water softener is not serviced or maintained regularly it can dispense unhealthy water. You can appoint a water treatment specialist to check the water quality before or after maintaining the water softener.

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Installing A Water Softener In Kent? Few Maintenance Tips To Follow

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Hard water is not only harmful to your health but can even damage your skin, hair and clothes. Homeowners have to face a lot of problems as scales build-up on the water heaters, faucets, utensils and showerheads. If you don’t want to replace or clean them every day, consider installing a water softener in your property. Look for one with a compact design which has been manufactured with the best softening technology. You can ensure optimal performance of your water softener if you follow a few easy tips.

The Ultimate Checklist For Water Softeners

  • Check The Salt Level

Check the salt levels at fixed intervals if you want the water softener in your home to last longer. It can start producing hard water once the salt level reduces. How frequently you should check the salt level is dependent on various factors like the level of hardness and your dependency on the equipment.

  • Check The Salt Bridges

A layer of the hardened salt bridge can form in the brine tank if the water softener is used regularly. Salt bridges can also occur if low-quality salt is used or the temperature is too high. The resin beads in the equipment can’t regenerate in the presence of excess salt bridges. If you don’t want them to impact the performance of your water softener, check and clean the brine tank frequently.

  • Use The Right Salt

Just checking the salt level in your water softener is not sufficient. It is your responsibility to check whether the right type of salt is used. Instead of using any old salts available in your home, get in touch with an experienced company offering water softener installation in Kent for advice. They generally suggest using cubes or crystal salts.

  • Flush the Resin Bed

It is necessary to flush the resin bed at fixed intervals though they are regularly recharged with salt. You can use the water softener cleaner to flush the resin bed. The presence of heavy metals, iron and other organic compounds can reduce the efficiency of the water softener.

Follow the maintenance tips stated above and get in touch with Absolute Water for water softener installation in your home.

Installing Water Softeners? Here’re Your Tips For Easy Maintenance!

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Now that you have picked the best water softener for your home, are you planning to get it installed by a qualified professional? Wondering about the ways to ensure that your system functions properly? Fret not. All you need to do is keep in mind two key elements for ensuring that the softening system functions properly!

When it comes to installing a water softening system, it’s important to judge the quality of installation and maintenance services offered by a company. Maintaining the smooth working condition of the system at frequent intervals is of utmost importance to ensure the durability of the system. Thus, you need to choose a service provider who can go the extra mile to help you maintain your system after installing it.

Wondering how to choose the best service provider? Read on!

Tips To Install Premium Quality Water Softeners

1. Ensure You Have The Right Toolkit

Before beginning with the installation of your new water softeners in Essex, you should make sure if the professional you are planning to work with, has all the necessary equipment and tools which are vital for the job. Some of the basic tools which he must have are a drilling machine, glue and clamps. This will make the drilling, joinery and fitting of the parts more precise.

2. Placement Of The System

The place where you decide to install your new water softener has great significance. This is because you need a room or a part of any room which will be vacant so that you can avoid all sorts of disturbance with the functioning of the water softener.

3. Abide By The Instruction Manual

In case you are planning to do the installation on your own, without taking any professional aid, ensure that you follow the instructions manual provide by your softening system’s manufacturer during the purchase. The instruction manual may even have support services which you may use for contacting the manufacturer if complications arise during the installation process.

3. Abide By The Instruction Manual

Tips To Maximise the Maintenance of Your Water Softener

1. Opt For Pure Salt

Although you can be tempted to use standard rock salt for maintaining your water softener since it is the least expensive option, it is always better to add pure salt with adequate iron remover. Standard rock salt may prove to be more costly in the long run and thus, it is always wise to opt for pure salt with efficient water softeners in West Sussex.

2. Ensure You Add The Right Amount

Even if your salt tank is still half empty, you should not add more salt to it. You must ensure that the salt amount in the tank is used up before you consider refilling it. Remember; you should not re-fill more than two-thirds of the tank.

3. Let Drain Line Positioning Be The Key

For preventing accidental sewage drain off into the system, ensure that the softener’s drain line is not pushed down. The end of the softener’s drain line should be above the drain for preventing the water softener’s malfunction.
So what are you still here for? Quickly choose a leading company and start availing great maintenance services!