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Reverse Osmosis and UV Treatments Croydon

Absolute Water Ltd Reverse Osmosis and UV Treatments Croydon are available to assist with reverse osmosis and UV water treatment systems. These two methods make your water nice and clean.

Reverse Osmosis Croydon

Reverse osmosis is water purification in its purest form. A piece of machinery pushes the water through a membrane and removes contaminates, leaving you with 98% pure water. Most water you drink each day is not this pure. This process also removes odours and strange tastes.

Most water that is bottled is no different from tap water. The bottling companies just put it through a reverse osmosis filter and re-mineralise it to give it a distinct taste. We offer assistance with reverse osmosis systems.

UV Treatments Croydon

Furthermore, we assist with UV treatment systems. This method uses UV radiation equipment to kill bacteria, spores, viruses, and other damaging bits in the water to make it ok for human consumption.

These systems are generally used by people with private water supplies that have water filtration already in place. This creates very soft water.

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