Installing A Water Softener In Kent? Few Maintenance Tips To Follow

Absolute Water Ltd Installing Water Softeners Kent

Hard water is not only harmful to your health but can even damage your skin, hair and clothes. Homeowners have to face a lot of problems as scales build-up on the water heaters, faucets, utensils and showerheads. If you don’t want to replace or clean them every day, consider installing a water softener in your property. Look for one with a compact design which has been manufactured with the best softening technology. You can ensure optimal performance of your water softener if you follow a few easy tips.

The Ultimate Checklist For Water Softeners

  • Check The Salt Level

Check the salt levels at fixed intervals if you want the water softener in your home to last longer. It can start producing hard water once the salt level reduces. How frequently you should check the salt level is dependent on various factors like the level of hardness and your dependency on the equipment.

  • Check The Salt Bridges

A layer of the hardened salt bridge can form in the brine tank if the water softener is used regularly. Salt bridges can also occur if low-quality salt is used or the temperature is too high. The resin beads in the equipment can’t regenerate in the presence of excess salt bridges. If you don’t want them to impact the performance of your water softener, check and clean the brine tank frequently.

  • Use The Right Salt

Just checking the salt level in your water softener is not sufficient. It is your responsibility to check whether the right type of salt is used. Instead of using any old salts available in your home, get in touch with an experienced company offering water softener installation in Kent for advice. They generally suggest using cubes or crystal salts.

  • Flush the Resin Bed

It is necessary to flush the resin bed at fixed intervals though they are regularly recharged with salt. You can use the water softener cleaner to flush the resin bed. The presence of heavy metals, iron and other organic compounds can reduce the efficiency of the water softener.

Follow the maintenance tips stated above and get in touch with Absolute Water for water softener installation in your home.

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