How to Know If You Need to Replace Your Water Softener

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The requirement or importance of installing a water softener is well-established. People know what the benefits are of using a good quality water softener in the home and office in Essex. But, how do you know what is the correct time to replace the old machine and get a new one?

Like the other appliances, water softeners also have a definite lifespan. Even regular water softener servicing cannot save it from getting old and broken after a certain time.

Is there any sign that will tell you about the correct time for a replacement? Actually, yes! There are signs which you should notice in your daily life.

Check Your Clothes

Clothes washed in hard water seem scratchy and stiff after frequent washes. Fabric softener can reduce that stiffness to some extent but cannot wipe it out completely. If your water softener is not working correctly, you can often feel that stiffness in your clothes and other fabrics.

Not Getting Enough Lather

While shampooing your hair or washing your body with soap, it may seem difficult to get enough lather. Hard water does not help the soap to create lather. While bathing, you should notice if your hair and body shampoo are creating enough lather like usual time. If not, then you should check the water softener of your home.

Water Tastes Differently

The taste of hard water is totally different to soft water. If you find the taste of water in your home different recently, you should consider this as a sign of issues in your water softener. If you are not getting the desired result from that machine, replace it immediately.

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