Mistakes to Avoid Regarding Water Softener System Installation

Avoid Mistakes Water Softener System Installation Surrey

Be it your home or business; the regular use of hard water can create problems.  From creating health hazards to increasing the energy bills. This is why you should consider installing a quality water softener system with Absolute Water.

Often property owners make mistakes regarding water softener system installation. Though these mistakes seem minimal, they can create major issues for you in future.

So, it is better for you to know them and avoid them from the beginning.

Not Knowing the System

It is crucial to know about the system that you are going to install at your property. It is a big mistake to buy a product without knowing it thoroughly. Do your homework regarding the brand and model. Know their basic and advanced features. Know the safety matters of the system before installation.

Not Considering Your Needs

 The size and pattern of the appliance must be determined as per your needs. What type of hard water do you wish to treat? Do you need the system for your entire house or only for the bathroom? Are you looking for a commercial water softener or a domestic one? Get answers to all these questions before you buy and install one.

Not Hiring an Expert Installer

 You might have watched hundreds of DIY videos online and start thinking that water softener installation is easy. But it is not. You must hire a licensed, certified and experienced expert for this job. They will inspect the electrical and plumbing lines of your property before the installation. They have all the necessary equipment and training to execute this job safely.

Come to Absolute Water for a premium water softener solution. We provide our clients with a range of water treatment, equipment and solutions as per their requirements. Please get in touch with our experts for more details.

Things to Consider with Residential Water Softeners

Residential Water Softeners Surrey Absolute Water Ltd

If you are planning to buy a new water softener for your home, there are things that you must consider. The market will offer you plenty of options based on the model and make. You should focus on the basic features of the product to make it a good investment for your home.

Types of Water Softener

Before you buy a particular product, you should know the various types of residential water softeners available in the market. In general, there are four types; salt-free water softeners, ion-exchange water softeners, magnetic water softeners, and reverse osmosis water softeners. Know the features and functionalities of these individual types.

The Purpose of Water Softener

Though the primary aim of using a water softener is getting rid of hard water in your home, you should consider the exact purpose of the same. Do you want to buy a whole house water softener? Or do you need something specific for your washing machine and bathroom? Considering the purpose of the appliance is required to get the right kind of product.

The Size of the Product

The size of your residential water softener should be decided based on the number of your family members. A big family means a large water softener. Consider the daily water usage at your home while investing in a domestic water softener.

Advanced Features

Apart from these basic features, one should also consider the advanced features of a water softener. The advanced devices often come with keypad configuration to make the operation process easy. Some of them have different program levels to make the installation and maintenance procedure fast and smooth.

Considering these factors will help you get the right product for your family.

Absolute Water offers you reliable water treatment, equipment, and solutions. They supply premium quality water softeners to suit the requirements of individual clients.

Is it Necessary to Service Water Softeners?

Absolute Water Ltd Servicing Water Softeners

The necessity of getting your water softener cleaned depends on how you prioritise staying healthy. You must get your water softener serviced if you do not want you or your family to fall sick. But, if you are still hesitant about it, check out the importance of the service –

1. Cleaning It 

The brine tank needs to be cleaned and your resins too require a recharge. This can be only done by a water treatment professional. It is essential to regularly clean the water system to ensure that it only dispenses clean water. The water treatment expert will also check the salt bridging of the brine tank and keep it sanitised.

2. Maintenance 

Agree with it or not, but every appliance requires maintenance. It is the same with water softeners in Kent as well. There are parts inside your softener that are continually moving and need care like the o-rings wearing out or the softener’s valve requiring maintenance.

If your water softener is not serviced or maintained regularly it can dispense unhealthy water. You can appoint a water treatment specialist to check the water quality before or after maintaining the water softener.

Absolute Water offers you the best water treatment professional services.

A Comparison Between Water Softening and Water Filtration

Comparison Water Softener and Filtration System Croydon

Water is something that we can’t live without, even for a day.
Are you confused about a water filter and a water softener? You will have your question answered from the differences laid down between the two –

Water Softener –

  • Just as the name suggests, it is used to remove the hardness from the water.
  • Ion-exchanged resins and salts are used in the water softener to eliminate calcium and magnesium from the water.
  • Softener, which is salt-based needs regular maintenance and the non-salt one requires lesser maintenance.
  • A water softener can be installed for a lower price.
  • A water softener filtration system is much more affordable by all means.
  • A water softener is known to dispense healthy water.
  • Water dispensed from water softener tastes and smells better.

Water Filter –

  • It removes any contaminants from the water.
  • It uses micro-filtration, Oxidation, catalytic conversion, and many more to make the water drinkable.
  • Water filters, on the other hand, do not necessarily require regular maintenance.
  • It is more expensive to install a water filter.
  • Water dispensed from a water filter does not necessarily have any health benefits.
  • There is no significant taste or smell in the water dispensed from a water filter.

You can get your water softener filtration system needs to be fulfilled by contacting Absolute Water. They are well renowned established company known to be the best in the town.


Benefits of Having a Water Softener at Home

Benefits Residential Water Softener Surrey

Homeowners who are always plagued by hard water and its effects can seek refuge in a water softener. A water softener will remove all mineral ions. If your taps have chalk marks or build-ups, you have hard water in your area.

Learn some benefits of installing a water softener in your house 

1) Helps to Save Money

A water softener eliminates mineral ions from your water to prevent build up in your appliances and pipes. It will save from frequent replacement or repair costs.

  • It will prevent clogging of your pipes and time-consuming repairs.
  • It will keep your appliances from scale build-up and maintain their efficiency levels.
  • It will reduce your electric or gas bills by eliminating pipe damage.
  • Soap and detergents dissolve better in soft water and lather deeply. It will also prevent your clothes from damage and shrinking.

2) Softer Skin and Cleaner Hair

Hard water will damage your hair and lead to several hair problems. It will also make your skin dry and patchy. Soft water is free from mineral ions and helps to maintain the natural moisture of your skin or hair.

Hard water will eliminate the natural oil of your skin, resulting in dry, irritated and itchy skin.

Soft water will maintain the pH level of your hair and remove all build-up.

3) Clean Dishes and Efficient Appliances

Hard water will make your dishes appear dirty. It will leave a chalky or cloudy appearance on your dishes after you dry them. A water softener will remove all the minerals which prevent soap build-up.

It helps to create more lather to make your cleaning action more effortless. It will also save your appliances from losing their efficiency prematurely.

4)      Softer Fabric and Brighter Clothes

Hard water will remove the softness of your clothes and make them look old and rugged.

  • Hard water will fade your clothes and even cause colour bleeding.
  • Soft water will easily clean your clothes with a minimum amount of detergent.

Absolute Water Ltd offers the premium quality water filtering system to save your repair costs and protect your appliances. They have years of expertise to treat hard water and remove mineral ions.

Installing A Water Softener In Kent? Few Maintenance Tips To Follow

Absolute Water Ltd Installing Water Softeners Kent

Hard water is not only harmful to your health but can even damage your skin, hair and clothes. Homeowners have to face a lot of problems as scales build-up on the water heaters, faucets, utensils and showerheads. If you don’t want to replace or clean them every day, consider installing a water softener in your property. Look for one with a compact design which has been manufactured with the best softening technology. You can ensure optimal performance of your water softener if you follow a few easy tips.

The Ultimate Checklist For Water Softeners

  • Check The Salt Level

Check the salt levels at fixed intervals if you want the water softener in your home to last longer. It can start producing hard water once the salt level reduces. How frequently you should check the salt level is dependent on various factors like the level of hardness and your dependency on the equipment.

  • Check The Salt Bridges

A layer of the hardened salt bridge can form in the brine tank if the water softener is used regularly. Salt bridges can also occur if low-quality salt is used or the temperature is too high. The resin beads in the equipment can’t regenerate in the presence of excess salt bridges. If you don’t want them to impact the performance of your water softener, check and clean the brine tank frequently.

  • Use The Right Salt

Just checking the salt level in your water softener is not sufficient. It is your responsibility to check whether the right type of salt is used. Instead of using any old salts available in your home, get in touch with an experienced company offering water softener installation in Kent for advice. They generally suggest using cubes or crystal salts.

  • Flush the Resin Bed

It is necessary to flush the resin bed at fixed intervals though they are regularly recharged with salt. You can use the water softener cleaner to flush the resin bed. The presence of heavy metals, iron and other organic compounds can reduce the efficiency of the water softener.

Follow the maintenance tips stated above and get in touch with Absolute Water for water softener installation in your home.

How to Know If You Need to Replace Your Water Softener

Replacement Water Softeners Absolute Water Ltd Essex

The requirement or importance of installing a water softener is well-established. People know what the benefits are of using a good quality water softener in the home and office in Essex. But, how do you know what is the correct time to replace the old machine and get a new one?

Like the other appliances, water softeners also have a definite lifespan. Even regular water softener servicing cannot save it from getting old and broken after a certain time.

Is there any sign that will tell you about the correct time for a replacement? Actually, yes! There are signs which you should notice in your daily life.

Check Your Clothes

Clothes washed in hard water seem scratchy and stiff after frequent washes. Fabric softener can reduce that stiffness to some extent but cannot wipe it out completely. If your water softener is not working correctly, you can often feel that stiffness in your clothes and other fabrics.

Not Getting Enough Lather

While shampooing your hair or washing your body with soap, it may seem difficult to get enough lather. Hard water does not help the soap to create lather. While bathing, you should notice if your hair and body shampoo are creating enough lather like usual time. If not, then you should check the water softener of your home.

Water Tastes Differently

The taste of hard water is totally different to soft water. If you find the taste of water in your home different recently, you should consider this as a sign of issues in your water softener. If you are not getting the desired result from that machine, replace it immediately.

What are the various advantages of using the right quality water softener?

Advantages Quality Water Softeners Essex

Not many of us are aware that the water we drink and use regularly can be of two types. They are, namely, hard water and soft water. Hard water can be challenging to work with due to the high levels of magnesium and calcium present in it. It can cause skin irritation and even neutralize the effect of soaps. Water softeners in Essex can be used to treat both hard and soft water. Let us look at a few benefits of using a water softener:

Better for your skin and hair

Hard water with high mineral content can be very harsh on your hair and skin. It saps the moisture out of your skin and hair follicles, leaving them dry and brittle. To avoid this, a water softener is a good option. It removes unwanted minerals in the water and the transformed water is gentler on your skin, nails, and hair. This leaves the keratinous components of your body looking healthy and radiant.

Easier to wash clothes and utensils

It can be extremely challenging to get clean clothes and utensils by washing them in hard water. This is because the mineral buildup from the water is so excessive that it nullifies the effect of even the highest quality of soap. The only solution to this is to use a water softener. The minute excess calcium and magnesium ions are removed from the water; it becomes usable for washing your lovely clothes and crockery.

Better quality of drinking water

You might have noticed a funny tang to your drinking water at times. Do not blame your taste buds because the taste of water is an actual phenomenon. The presence of chloramine, fluoride, and other mineral ions in hard water gives it an unpleasant taste. It can also cause harmful health imbalances. So, it is imperative to turn hard water into soft water with the help of good water softeners in Essex.  

Convenient for electrical appliances and water pipes

Lastly, hard water has the potential to damage any electrical appliances or pipes in your home that uses water. The mineral buildup can cause severe plumbing issues. This can be avoided by the use of a quality water softener to dissolve the unwanted chemical components in the water.

Water softeners in Essex are essential for households. Absolute Water is known for offering high-quality water softeners. Their services are available at affordable prices.