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Benefits Absolute Water Ltd

A daily battle against hard water can really be a challenge that could prove difficult to mitigate. The problems associated with hard water is that it contains high amounts of mineral content that prevent it from mixing well with soap and detergent.

However, if you are a resident of Croydon, Bromley and looking for a solution, we can help you.

With soft water, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Bubble fun

While we all like to lather soap while taking a bath in the tub, it does waste a lot of soap or body wash if you wash with hard water.The mineral content in hard water prevents the soap from lathering, which creates a layer on the skin and also has the ability to block pores and irritate the skin, making it dry and flaky.

However, with the help and benefits Absolute Water Ltd of soft water, soap lather forms very easily. This allows you to conserve soap and body wash to a great extent. A few drops will go a long way, when it comes to bathing in soft water.

Goodbye, dry skin​

Hard water can cause your skin, and even your hair, to become harsh or even break out with conditions that would require medical attention. However, with our water softeners, customers can be assured of moist skin and great hair.

If you are suffering from Eczemiz, psoriasis or even just dry skin, softened water could be the perfect cure. Soap will lather better
and will rinse off well too. You can now say goodbye to clogged pores and dry skin. Hello, gorgeous skin!

Fabulous hair

Maintaining gorgeous hair can be quite a task. However, with hard water, it can lose its rich texture instantly. Hard water can make the little scales on your hair stand up, thereby making it rough and tangly.

However, when you wash your hair and skin with soft water, you can be assured that you will enjoy lustrous hair and beautiful, natural skin.

Softer and Brighter clothes

With the use of hard water, your clothes could become quite stiff and scaly. However, with soft water, you can change all that. The lack of minerals in soft water will ensure that your favourite pair of jeans comes out of the clothes dryer, softer.

This apart, your clothes will last longer when they are washed in soft water. Hard water leaves minerals in the fabric of clothes over a period of time, leaving your favourite sweater or shirt looking dingy and not as bright.

Less cleaning time

By using soft water, you can spend less time cleaning your bathroom tiles and shower screen. You will soon notice that the marks and residue formed with the use of hard water will slowly dissipate.

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